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- DH Mosquito in the USA and Canada (1.7MB)
- Electroair distributed by Performance Aviation (1.3MB)
- Skyleader aircraft in New Zealand (700k)
- Gliding - Soaring the wave (400k)
- Places to go - Glenorchy (600k)
- Free airspace for Mount Cook (1.1MB)
- Book Review - Bill Black, I did it my way (400k)
- Avsure - Understanding insurance policy conditions (1.2MB)
- Hawker Tempest project available for sale (1MB)
- Ag. Planes Past and Present - Piper Super Cub and Pawnee (1.1MB)
- ZK Register Review July-August-2013 (1.2MB)

Download Issue 29 complete (13MB)

- Aerodromes Under Threat (400k)
- Guimbal Cabri G2 in New Zealand (1.5MB)
- Flying the Harvard (1MB)
- Go Gliding - You'll be glad you tried it (1MB)
- Implementing SMS (1.8MB)
- Avsure - Insuring 'on condition' engines (500k)
- The Omaka Community Fighter - Yak-9V (500k)
- Places to go - Cromwell (600k)
- A Tiger's Tale (1.3MB)
- Autogyros - The first rotorcraft (1.1MB)
- Ag. Planes Past and Present - Ceres and Cropmaster (750k)
- ZK Register Review May-June-2013 (1.1MB)

Download Issue 28 complete (14MB)

- easyJet Partners with CTC for MPL Training in NZ (800k)
- Avsure - Aircraft Liability Implications (900k)
- Birthday Girl - P40 Kittyhawk turns 70 (750k)
- Boutique Aircraft Restoration at Pacific Aero Coatings (1MB)
- Tallon Mounting Solutions (400k)
- NZ Hot Air Balloon Record Set (750k)
- Classic Fighters at Omaka 2013 (3.3MB)
- Kiwi Flyer Interview - Robyn Reid (1MB)
- Keeping Aircraft Clean with AGlaze (400k)
- Aviation Industry Conference Week Guide 2013 (3.8MB)
- The 'Real' Air Safari - Gyro Training in Kenya (1.5MB)
- Very Affordable Fun - Vintage Gliding (500k)
- ZK Register Review March-April-2013 (1.1MB)
- Places to Go: West Auckland Airport Parakai (600k)

Download Issue 27 complete (10MB)

- Bush Pilot Champs at Omaka (700k)
- Kiwi Flyer Interview - John Oakes (500k)
- The NZ International Airshow (2.7MB)
- Flying Excavators (500k)
- Avsure - Maintenance Shop Insurance (900k)
- Aeromodelling - The ANZAC Jet Meeting (1.2MB)
- NZ Warbirds - Summer's Fun (1MB)
- New Cavalon Gyro lands in NZ (1.1MB)
- NZ Soaring - In Praise of Local Flying (400k)
- ZK Register Review January-February-2013 (900k)
- Ag. Planes Past and Present - BHC-2 Beaver (400k)
- Places to Go: Ashburton (400k)

Download Issue 26 complete (11MB)

- Diamond DA20-C1 arrives in NZ (800k)
- Avsure - Aircraft Liability Insurance (600k)
- Flying in the Wooden Wonder (500k)
- AIRCARE compliance simplified with Air Maestro (700k)
- NZ Warbirds - Jets in Formation (400k)
- Kiwi Flyer Interview - Michael Oakley (700k)
- Wings Over Wairarapa 2013 (2.7MB)
- SportCruiser SC3D Factory (800k)
- Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School 2013 (600k)
- Team Kiwi at the Australian Gliding Championships (850k)
- Autogyro Enthusiasts gather at Dannevirke (1.2MB)
- Ag. Planes Past and Present - Tigers and More (700k)
- ZK Register Review November-December-2012 (1.2MB)
- Places to Go: Stewart Island (500k)

Download Issue 25 complete (13MB)

- Return of the de Havilland Mosquito (1.7MB)
- Aircraft Painting and Sigange - Airspray and ReflectIcon (800k)
- The Vintage Aviator Remembrance Day Airshow (700k)
- Hawker Pacific King Air B200s for RNZAF (300k)
- Avsure - Insurance Policy Deductibles Explained (450k)
- Test Flying Part 2 - Putting it in to Practice (1MB)
- Aeromotive Centurion Engine Extension Programme (350k)
- Trans Tasman Checklist (800k)
- Aermacchi for NZ Warbirds Association (500k)
- Innovative Carousel Hangar Solutions (500k)
- Airshow: Mosquito Launch Spectacular (1.2MB)
- Ag. Planes Past and Present - Miles Whitney Straight and Auster B.8 Agricola (350k)
- Component Fabrication Services for Homebuilders (1MB)
- How Gliders get into the air (350k)
- ZK Register Review August-October-2012 (1MB)
- Places to Go: Taupo (500k)

Download Issue 24 complete (13MB)

- Building and Flying the Yak-3 (2MB)
- Aviation Insurance - Explanation of Terms (500k)
- Places to Go: Omarama (600k)
- Long Term Floor Protection with MaxiCoat (450k)
- AIRCARE audits by Navigatus Consulting (300k)
- A profile on Bob Henderson MNZM (700k)
- Tecnam P2008s for Waikato Aero Club (900k)
- Test Flying - An Introduction (600k)
- More Capability at Central Aero Engineering (500k)
- Frequently asked questions about Gliding (900k)
- 2000 Hours in a Gyro (900k)
- KiwiFlyer Guide to Flight Training (2012-2013) (3.9MB)
- Interior Refits at Walkers Upholstery (500k)
- ZK Register Review June-July-2012 (1.1MB)
- Restored Avro Anson takes to the air (800k)

Download Issue 23 complete (11MB)

- Strong demand at Aviation Painting Services (400k)
- Massey University Aviation Student Loans (2MB)
- Airbox Runway HD for iPad (900k)
- The Life Flight Trust (2.3MB)
- Insurance claim time - Peace of Mind (450k)
- Superior Aircraft Protection with AGlaze (350k)
- An interview with Kevin Bethwaite (500k)
- Guide to Aviation Industry Conference Week 2012 (4.4MB)
- Ardmore base for Asia Pacific Aerospace (700k)
- Component Shop services from Hawker Pacific (700k)
- Demand for AirCare takes off (300k)
- ARHT integrates compliance and safety systems with Air Maestro (700k)
- Aeromarsters service and delivery highly rated (700k)
- Selecting the right cleaning solution (300k)
- First build the aircraft - Then learn to fly (350k)
- What power pilots could learn from gliding (1MB)
- 2000 hours in a Gyro (950k)
- ZK Register Review April-May-2012 (1MB)
- A weekend in Wellington (400k)

Download Issue 22 complete (11MB)

- Turbine Services now available from Aeromarsters (550k)
- Warbirds Over Wanaka Airshow 2012 (2MB)
- Kiwi Flyer Interview - Mandy Deans (870k)
- Harmony LSA - The latest Evektor arrives in NZ (450k)
- NZ Warbirds - The Trek South (700k)
- RNZAF Ohakea Airshow (2MB)
- KiwiFlyer Places to Go - Queenstown (650k)
- A new home for the Canterbury Gliding Club (900k)
- Jim Rankin's Gyro Experience (900k)
- ZK Register Register Review February-March-2012 (1MB)
- Avsure Accidents and Incidents (600k)

Download Issue 21 complete (11MB)

- Carbon Cubs arrive at Central Aero (400k)
- Angel Flight New Zealand takes off (600k)
- New Avionics Capabilities at Hawker Pacific (850k)
- KiwiFlyer Places to Go - Tauranga (600k)
- A-4K Skyhawk arrives for NZ Warbirds (800k)
- Pipistrel Round the World help from NZ (400k)
- Classics of the Sky Tauranga Airshow (2.4MB)
- Kiwi Flyer Interview - Phill Hooker (400k)
- Walsh Flying School 46th Year (650k)
- Gliding - Not a solitary sport (800k)
- Autogyros at Dannevirke and Murchison (1MB)
- ANZAC Model Jets at Tokoroa (700k)
- ZK Register Review December-January-2012 (900k)
- Avsure - Mail Order Insurance Offers (550k)

Download Issue 20 complete (10.2MB)

- Flying with the Airbox Clarity and Foresight GPS (800k)
- Simplifying Aviation Admin and Management with Aeronet (350k)
- Approved Helicopter Simulation at HFT (450k)
- Air Chathams and the Convair 580 (500k)
- Future Flight - Synergy and KiwiProps (550k)
- KiwiFlyer Places to Go - Mandeville (650k)
- Flight of Passage - 21 Airfields for a 21st Birthday (450k)
- Guimbal Cabri G2 Flight Test (1.5MB)
- Aviation Interiors Profile (400k)
- Gliding - Flying with all 5 senses (700k)
- Exploring the Autogyro Register (1MB)
- Aeromodelling - Clinton Kraidy's MIG25 (1MB)
- ZK Register Review October-November-2011 (750k)
- Avsure - Personal Insurance for Pilots (550k)

Download Issue 19 complete (14.5MB)

- Mark Woodhouse wins international GAPAN award (500k)
- KiwiFlyer Places to Go - Waihi Beach (300k)
- Aircraft Photography Part 7 - At Night (1.3MB)
- Jean Batten Commemorative Flight at Auckland (600k)
- SIMPIT 3D Surround Flight Simulator (350k)
- The Power of Volunteers at North Shore Aero Club (750k)
- Soaring - A Never Ending Learning Experience (500k)
- KiwiFlyer 2011/2012 Guide to Flight Training (3.4MB)
- Autogyro Cavalon Debut (500k)
- Senior Telemaster - The Gentle Giant (750k)
- ZK Register Review August-September 2011 (1MB)
- Avsure - Hangar Spring Clean Time (500k)

Download Issue 18 complete (7.7MB)

- Guimbal Cabri G2 Arrives in NZ (800k)
- Rotorblade and Composite Repairs by Oceania (250k)
- Aircraft Photography Part 6 - Air to Air (2.7MB)
- Heli Tow Carts from Aeromarsters (250k)
- Robinson R66 Flight Review (350k)
- Flair 2011 Event Guide (3.5MB)
- Ownership Support at Central Aero Engineering (300k)
- Freeman Freight - Aviation Logistics Specialists (200k)
- KiwiFlyer Places to Go - Rangiora (700k)
- Evektor Harmony and Outback Launched (300k)
- Gliding and GA for NZQA Credits (350k)
- Autogyro Principles of Flight (900k)
- Aeromodelling in Winter (650k)
- ZK Register Review June-July-2011 (750k)
- Avsure - Understanding Terms and Conditions (500k)

Download Issue 17 complete (10.0MB)

- A109 Light Utility Helicopter arrives for RNZAF (450k)
- First Orion P-3K2 Upgrade Recieved by RNZAF (700k)
- Omaka Classic Fighters 2011 Airshow (1.8MB)
- AOPA NZ Benefits for All (700k)
- Avsure - Maintenance Shop Insurance (700k)
- Mountain Flying New Zealand Profile (500k)
- Erich Rudorffer - Ace Pilot (600k)
- AIA 2011 Conference Week Guide (3MB)
- Balloons Over Waikato 2011 (600k)
- Auckland Gliding Club Turns 80 (800k)
- Autogyro Mountain Flying (900k)
- Kiwi Aero Modellers at Top Gun (900k)
- ZK Register Review April-May-2011 (800k)
- Places to Go - Feilding (450k)

Download Issue 16 complete (8.1MB) or download separate articles below:

- Robinson R66 Arrives for Heliflite Pacific (500k)
- A Newbie at the Aerobatics Championship (800k)
- Warbirds Airshow Preparation (300k)
- Places to Go - Dunedin (350k)
- One Stop Support - In the Hangar at Aeromotive (500k)
- Aircraft Photography Part 5 - Airshows (600k)
- Massey Students gain advantage for Air NZ selection (300k)
- First Bell 429 Delivered in New Zealand (380k)
- Auckland Heliport wins NZ Architecture Award (600k)
- A week at the Wairarapa Balloon Fiesta (500k)
- Gliding with Richie McCaw (800k)
- Summer Gyro Fly-ins (1.2MB)
- Warbird Aero Modelling Events (250k)
- ZK Register Review Feb-Mar-2011 (650k)
- Avsure - Aircraft Liability Insurance (400k)

Download Issue 15 complete (8.5MB) or download separate articles below:

- First Tecnam P2008 Arrives in New Zealand (450k)
- Bay Flight Aviation take delivery of Tecnam P2006T (250k)
- Solo Wings Expand at Tauranga (350k)
- Wings Over Wairarapa 2011 (800k)
- Avsure - Insurance for engines run on-condition (280k)
- Red Checkers Return (1MB)
- The 2011 Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School (900k)
- Flying the L-39 Albatros (300k)
- Kamov KA-32 transits New Zealand (400k)
- Aircraft Photography Part 4 - Composition, Panning and Putting it all together (500k)
- Middle Earth Flying School Expands and converts to Tecnam (200k)
- FK Lightplanes in New Zealand (200k)
- World's Youngest 1000km Diploma Glider Pilot (200k)
- Brako Gyro Arrives in New Zealand (400k)
- RC Bandit Modelling Day at PMAC (200k)
- ZK Register Review Dec-Jan-2011 (750k)
- Places to Go - Rotorua (220k)

Download Issue 14 complete (8.5MB) or download separate articles below:

- An Introduction to Ballooning (375k)
- AS350 Avionics Consoles (470k)
- RNZAF C-130 Hercules Life Extension Programme (600k)
- Places to Go: Wanaka (660k)
- Engine Components NZ Limited Profile (550k)
- NZ Warbirds Association Open Day at Ardmore (400k)
- Aircraft Photography - Advanced Equipment and Digital Files (500k)
- Avsure - Insurance Policy Deductibles (700k)
- Tecnam P2006T Twin: 47 Day Tour of Australia (400k)
- Central Aero Engineering Recent Projects (450k)
- NZTE Showcasing our Industry (290k)
- Gliding: A Short Flight with Terry Delore (500k)
- NZ Autogyro Association Turns 50 (450k)
- Aeromodelling: My Boisterous Beagle Pup (420k)
- ZK Register Review Oct-Nov-2010 (850k)

Download Issue 13 complete (8.2MB) or download separate articles below:

- Aeronet Software Simplifies Aviation Management (500k)
- Avsure - Mail Order Insurance Offers (350k)
- Aircraft Photography - The Advanced Settings (500k)
- Fieldair Engineering's Light Aircraft Division (380k)
- Places to Go - Hastings Aerodrome at Bridge Pa (240k)
- Reno Air Races 2010 (530k)
- In the Stores at Aeromotive (220k)
- NZTE - North America Full of Opportunities (260k)
- Gliding: From trial flight to first lessons (200k)
- Autogyro Europe's new Calidus Gyro in NZ (570k)
- Novelty Model Aircraft (180k)
- ZK Register Review Aug-Sep-2010 (900k)
- Aviation Industry Training Roadmap (180k)
- 2010 KiwiFlyer Guide to NZ Flight Training (2.3MB)

Download Issue 12 complete (6.6MB) or download separate articles below:

- The Northland Emergency Services Trust (730k)
- Major Avionics Upgrade for NEST S-76 (370k)
- Spidertracks Aviator and S3 (180k)
- New Oceania Rotorblade and Composites Repair Facility (180k)
- Avsure - Aircraft Liability Implications (280k)
- Aeromotive Signature Engines in the South Island (200k)
- New King Air C90 delivered to NZ customer (490k)
- Warbirds Association Calendar and Chipmunk (330k)
- Aircraft Photography Basics (630k)
- NZTE New Horizons Report (340k)
- Places to Go - Haast (260k)
- Glider Generations - The old and the young (200k)
- Gyros: The story of Dominator RAI (520k)
- Jet Powered Model Aircraft (190k)
- AIA Conference Week in Summary (290k)
- Guest Comment - Enhancing Traffic Awareness (200k)
- ZK Register Review Jun-Jul-10 (780k)

Download Issue 11 complete (8.1MB) or download separate articles below:

- The Tecnam Twin Arrives in NZ (900k)
- More support for your maintenance investment at Hawker Pacific (420k)
- Jurgis Kairys Aerobatics Champion (300k)
- Peggy Krainz Wing-Walker (500k)
- In the Prop Shop at Aeromotive (200k)
- NZWA Airshows: The year that was (500k)
- Places to Go: Hood Aerodrome at Masterton (560k)
- Air Maestro at Skywork Helicopters (210k)
- Aviation Industry Conference Week Guide 2010 (2.5MB)
- Avsure - Are you insuring at correct value? (290k)
- Tokoroa: The end of the fly-in season 2010 (200k)
- Glider Racing - A Spectator Sport (210k)
- Magni M-24 Orion now in New Zealand (490k)
- Big is Good - Flying Large Models (220k)
- Guest Comment - Freedom of Choice: An ELT or Active Tracking (200k)
- ZK Register Review Apr-May-10 (780k)

Download Issue 10 complete (7.1MB) or download separate articles below:

- Balloons Over Waikato (280k)
- Fieldair Holdings Profile (420k)
- Air Safari 2010 (500k)
- New Zealand Helicopter Championships (350k)
- Making the most of combustion (300k)
- Avsure - How the Insurance Market Works (280k)
- Aircraft Painting with Aircraft Paint (550k)
- Beyond your engine change (210k)
- Firing the P40 Kittyhawk Guns (600k)
- Warbirds Over Wanaka 2010 (2MB)
- Places to Go - Te Anau (200k)
- RAANZ Fly-in 2010 (230k)
- Gliding Landouts (230k)
- Autogyros - An interview with Otmar Birkner (460k)
- Aeromodelling - Electric versus Gas (190k)
- ZK Register Review Feb-Mar-10 (630k)

Download Issue 9 complete (8.5MB) or download separate articles below:

- Garmin Aera Product Review (600k)
- Piper Sport LSA Released (180k)
- RedBird Flight Simulator now in NZ (470k)
- Aeromotive Power Delivery (200k)
- Join a NZ Warbirds Syndicate (340k)
- Avsure Insurance Premium Trends (280k)
- Guide to PilotExpo 2010 (3MB)
- SportAvex 2010 Report (560k)
- FK Lightplanes available in NZ (370k)
- Gliding Distance Record of 2499km (580k)
- Autogyro Fly-in at Dannevirke (480k)
- Aeromodelling - The Waharoa Rumble (650k)
- ZK Register Review Dec-Jan-10 (760k)
- Guest Comment - NZTE Supporting NZ Aviation (210k)

Download Issue 8 complete (8.2MB) or download separate articles below:

- Commander Avionics Upgrade by Hawker Pacific (350k)
- NZ Aerial Mapping Profile (320k)
- 11 New Eurocopters for NZ in 2009 (380k)
- Inside the Fuel Bay at Aeromotive (230k)
- NZ Warbirds Visitor Centre Opens (600k)
- Pukaki Airfield Development Report (170k)
- Airborne Systems at Oceania Aviation (200k)
- Avsure - Understanding Insurance Policy Terms and Conditions (280k)
- Titan T-51 Mustang Stampede (270k)
- Trans Tasman LSA Deliveries (340k)
- Go Gliding this Summer (230k)
- So you want to fly an autogyro? (380k)
- Aeromodelling Champion Frazer Briggs (200k)
- ZK Register Review Oct-Nov-09 (1.2MB)
- Guest Comment - Aviation NZ Supporting Exporters (220k)

Download Issue 7 complete (7.5MB) or download separate articles below:

- Diamond DA42 completes Pacific Ferry Flight (350k)
- Eurocopter NZ focused on Maintenance for Availability (250k)
- Aviation Safety - Lifejackets (450k)
- Insurance During Maintenance - Avsure (300k)
- Helispecs offer R22 Beta to BetaII Upgrade (250k)
- NZ Warbirds Battle of Britain Flypast (450k)
- AvParts Business Profile (350k)
- Oceania Aviation Queenstown Base Profile (200k)
- 1000th Aircraft Manufactured in the Waikato (200k)
- Aviation Holiday on Slipper Island (600k)
- GyroPlane Training - What's the Difference? (650k)
- The Diversity of Aero Modelling (200k)
- Aeromotive Encourages LAME Development (400k)
- ZK Register Review Aug-Sep-09 (800k)
- Guest Comment - Aviation Industry Cluster Takes Off (250k)

Download the 2009 KiwiFlyer Guide to Flight Training Providers here (1.7MB)

Download Issue 6 complete (6.5MB) or download separate articles below:

- Spiderwatch now offers Active Aircraft Tracking (200k)
- Air Maestro release Safety and Compliance Management Software (200k)
- Electrical Maintenance at Aeromotive (190k)
- Understanding Aviation Insurance Claims (300k)
- The T-28 Trojan (450k)
- Kiwi Flyers at Oshkosh (400k)
- Real Value Maintenance at Oceania Aviation (560k)
- Wirestrike Seminar by Bob Feerst of great value (170k)
- Fly Synthesis Texan Club available in NZ (240k)
- Making Autogyros more accessible in NZ (530k)
- Learning to fly RC aircraft (320k)
- ZK Register Review Jun-Jul-09 (540k)
- Guest Comment - Aviation Community Advisory Group (310k)

Download Issue 5 complete (7MB) or download separate articles below:

- The Beaver's New Clothes -- DHC-2 Beaver Refurbishment (400k)
- A Canadian Gem -- DHC-2 Beaver History (540k)
- Reflecting the Past -- Reflect Icon Aircraft Signwriting (540k)
- Performance Aviation Boosts R22 Beta Performance (210k)
- Hangar Design and Construction made easy by Thompson Engineering (250k)
- Hook Overhauls by Rotor and Wing (200k)
- JetGo Ground Power Units now available in NZ (200k)
- Personalised Electrical Care and Repair at Central Aero (250k)
- Aviation Industry 2009 Conference Week Guide (2MB)
- The very capable Bell 407 (260k)
- New Avionics Upgrade for Bell 206 from Hawker Pacific (370k)
- Aeromotive Avionics Bay Profile (320k)
- Understanding Insurance Liability Principles (310k)
- Building a Basic Autogyro from a Kit (320k)
- Basics of Aero Model Building (230k)
- ZK Register Review Apr-May-09 (470k)
- Guest Comment - Launching the Aircraft Engineering Association of NZ (320k)

Download Issue 4 complete (7MB) or download separate articles below:

- Spidertracks Subsidised Aircraft Tracking Enhances Safety (370k)
- Massey School of Aviation Choose Diamond (280k)
- Insurance Claims and GST (300k)
- The Harvard Turns 70 - A Birthday Story (480k)
- Dargaville Aero Club Free Training (250k)
- Stratford Aero Club Profile (470k)
- Central Aero Aircraft Fabric Services (210k)
- Whenuapai Airshow 2009 (400k)
- The Trans Tasman Falcomposite Furio (750k)
- New SportStar MAX from Evektor (220k)
- Autogyro Adventures in New Zealand (670k)
- Aero Modelling Mania - 3 NZ shows (250k)
- ZK Register Review Jan-Feb-Mar-09 (900k)
- Guest Comment - Launching the NZ Helicopter Association (180k)

Download Issue 3 complete (7MB) or download separate articles below:

- The "Kiwi" Titan T-51 Mustang (250k)
- Garmin 695 GPS Evaluation (280k)
- Helispecs HeliPower R22 Exhaust System (200k)
- Personal Insurance for Pilots (300k)
- LightSpeed Zulu Headset Evaluation (250k)
- PilotExpo 2009 Event Guide (2.3MB)
- 1929 Simmonds Spartan Flying Again (200k)
- Autogyros meet at Dannevirke (250k)
- Aero Modelling - Hobby, Passion, Addiction (250k)
- Raising Maintenance Standards - Aeromotive and CTC (250k)
- Guest Comment by Rex Kenny - Sport Aviation: A New Golden Era (200k)

Download Issue 2 complete (7.5MB) or download separate articles below:

- Central Aero Engineering Business Profile (400k)
- Piper Cub ZK-BQY History and Rebuild (400k)
- Insurance for Engines on Condition (300k)
- Performance Aviation Business Profile (250k)
- Aeromotive Maintenance of CTC Fleet (400k)
- Randolph Engineering Sunglasses Product Review (300k)
- Te Kowhai Airfield Profile (350k)
- Rangitata Island Airfield Profile (500k)
- RANS S-19 available in New Zealand (400k)
- Fly a Gyro! (600k)
- Japanese Translation and Aviation Business Services (200k)
- Guest Comment by Irene King - A Memo to the Minister (250k)

Download Issue 1 complete (6.5MB) or download separate articles below:

- Zaon PCAS (portable collision avoidance system) test and review (150k)
- Insurance comment - Are you insuring at Correct Value (300k)
- Aeromotive pack 750XL into 40' container for export (200k)
- Helispray carbon fibre spray systems and Helispecs profile (600k)
- Tecnam Eaglet aircraft appraisal feature article (300k)
- Clarity Aloft headset flight test and review (350k)
- Autoflight profile and gear reduction drives for V6 Titan Mustangs (200k)
- Evektor Sportstar first impressions at Canterbury Aero Club (200k)
- After the CPL(H) - profiles of recent Ardmore Helicopters graduates (600k)
- Guest comment by John Clements - Kiwi Pilot Training (150k)